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“An act of generosity opens our body, heart, and spirit and brings us closer to freedom.”
—Jack Kornfield

Ways to Give

Dāna, or giving rooted in generosity, is one of the heart qualities (pāramī) that the Buddha tells us leads to freedom. Generosity and sharing of resources is a central pillar of spiritual life, the foundation of wholesome kamma—action that bears fruit in our lives and the lives of others. At Spirit Rock, we carry on this joyful tradition in the form of inviting donations from the community so that we can continue to offer the Dharma, now and to future generations who will get to explore the path to waking up because of our efforts.

Any amount you pay above the base rate of the sliding scale registration fee, or any dāna or donation, is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please retain your payment information as evidence of your gift. Deep appreciation for your generosity!

Annual Operating Giving

One of Spirit Rock’s deepest aspirations is to share the Buddha's teachings with all who are interested. We offer a sliding scale fee structure for all daylongs, classes and retreats, however the income we receive from these fees covers only about 50% of our operating costs. Your contributions make up the rest of our budget.

Your support allows us to:

  • Offer meditation teachings that awaken our minds and hearts – bringing more wisdom and compassion into the world
  • Care for our refuge – maintaining our facilities and providing a nurturing retreat environment
  • Keep fees at the lowest rate possible and offer scholarship support – so that all who wish to attend may do so.

Monthly Giving - The Stewardship Circle at Spirit Rock: Connection, Intention, Generosity

For many of us, our practice illuminates ways to offer generosity in our daily lives.  The Buddha tells us that dana, or offering, is one of the paramis/heart qualities that leads us towards awakening.  And joining the Stewardship Circle is an opportunity to practice this beautiful heart quality while sustaining our Spirit Rock community, this land, and everything it takes to tend this precious refuge.

By offering $25 or more each month, Stewardship Circle members sustain everything we do here. Click here to join >

Scholarship Support

Spirit Rock is committed to increasing access to the Buddha's teachings of compassion, generosity and liberation. With support from our generous community of individuals and foundations, our Mudita Karuna Scholarship Fund and our Dr. Marlene Jones People of Color Scholarship Fund allows us to offer nearly $500,000 in scholarships annually, reducing barriers to participation, and the manifold benefits of training the mind. The ripple effect of hearing, integrating and living the practices offered at Spirit Rock cannot be overstated. Contributing positively to practitioners' well-being, their presence in diverse communities seeds acts of generosity, cooperation, and ultimately spreads practices of wisdom and compassion.

Tribute & Honor Giving

Making a gift to Spirit Rock in the name of a loved one is a sweet way to acknowledge a connection your loved one may have to Spirit Rock and supports all that we do here. If you would like to offer a gift in someone’s name in celebration of a birthday or wedding or in their memory, simply complete the donation form and let us know who the gift is in honor or memory of and include who should notify (if desired) along with their address in the comments field. We are happy to send a note to the family or individual, letting them know that you have made a gift in their name.

Legacy/Estate Giving

A beautiful way to support Spirit Rock Meditation Center in the future is by remembering Spirit Rock in your estate plans. You can do this by simply including Spirit Rock as a beneficiary of your will or living trust, your retirement plan, bank account or in your life insurance policy. For more information about legacy giving and joining our Legacy Circle or to let us know that you have already named Spirit Rock in your estate plans, please contact Rachel Uris at (415) 488-0164 x286 or sangha@spiritrock.org.

Gifts of Stock

Offering a gift of appreciated stock can be a wonderful way to support Spirit Rock while also saving capital gains tax on the stock you donate. For information on how to initiate a gift of stock to Spirit Rock, contact us at sangha@spiritrock.org.

Wiring Gifts

To wire a gift to Spirit Rock, please contact us for instructions at sangha@spiritrock.org.

Meal Dana

We invite you to participate in the heart-opening practice of extending meal dana – the offering of meals to practitioners on retreat. Meal Dana is offered as an act of generosity and can be a lovely way to support and surprise a friend or loved one that is sitting retreat, or honor your teachers.

By completing the Meal Dana form, you will have an opportunity to write a dedication that will be posted on our Meal Dana board in the Dining Hall during the time-frame you select (all efforts will be made to honor the day you specify).

Workplace Matching Gifts

If your company has a matching gift program, you may be able to increase the value of your gift. If you have given a gift recently or in this calendar year, it may still be eligible for your company to match. Please check your personnel department for the matching-gift form and send it in to Spirit Rock to increase your gift.

United Way or Combined Federal Campaigns

If your workplace participates in the United Way or Combined Federal Campaign, this is also a great way to support Spirit Rock. To elect us as an organization you wish to support through this program, please include our full organization name and our identification number, 1037630, on your form.

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