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Kalyana Mitta Organizing Resources

Since 2020, many of our Kalyana Mitta groups have been meeting virtually.  Please join in for spiritual community and dharma -- see this page for some online resources-  https://www.spiritrock.org/digital-dharma-care-resources

Audio from Kalyana Mitta trainings offered by Elad Levinson can be found here. This workshop focused on crucial conversations.

A second workshop focused on Deep Listening.  You can listen to audio from this workshop here

  • Looking at how the Four Foundations of Mindfulness contribute to becoming a deep listener.
  • Noticing and labeling in real time.
  • Applying Dependent Origination to listening.
  • Practicing the skills of external deep listening.
  • Inquiry as a form of deep listening.

A previous Kalyana Mitta half-day program was co-led by James Baraz and Elad Levinson,focusing on conflict resolution, how to use the Dharma to make conflict productive when it arises, and how to encourage full participation in a KM meeting. Melanie Speir, one of our KM volunteers, summarized the day in this article.  You can listen to a recording of the workshop on dharmaseed.org. 

James Baraz taught a half-day workshop designed for the hosts, leaders, potential leaders and participants in Kalyana Mitta groups. You can listen to a recording of the workshop on dharmaseed.org

James wrote, "The real joy in facilitating a group is creating an environment that helps bring out the natural wisdom that each member possesses. Often this is done not by giving the answers but by looking for the Buddha in each participant and asking the right questions which invite that wisdom to emerge."

Another previous Kalyana Mitta workshop was led by Daniel Bowling and Dana Curtis.  You can listen to a recording of the workshop on dharmaseed.org.

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