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Spirit Rock Teachers Council

Teachers Council 2018: Back row, left to right: Wes Nisker, Anne Cushman, John Martin, Julie Wester (Emerita), Tempel Smith, Erin Selover, Andrea Fella, Oren Jay Sofer, Donald Rothberg, Dana DePalma, JoAnna Hardy, Larry Yang, Anushka Fernandopulle.
Middle row, left to right: Phillip Moffit, Sharda Rogell, Emerita, Pamela Weiss, Sally Armstrong, Heather Sundberg, John Travis (Emeritus), Kittisaro, Anna Douglas, Eugene Cash, Erin Treat, Will Kabat-Zinn, Howard Cohn, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, James Baraz.
Front row, left to right: Matthew Brensilver, Michelle Latvala, Nikki Mirghafori, Mark Coleman, Thanissara, Nisha Shah.
Not pictured: Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Boorstein, Guy Armstrong, Spring Washam, Ayya Anandabodhi, Gil Fronsdal, Gina Sharpe, DaRa Williams, Lila Kate Wheeler, Bonnie Duran, Ruth King (Visiting Teacher), Brian Lesage, Kate Munding, Susie Harrington, Diana Winston, Ajahn Amaro (Emeritus), Robert Hall (Emeritus), Mary Grace Orr (Emerita). 

Spirit Rock retreats are led by the members of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council and by visiting teachers from other vipassana centers such as Insight Meditation Society (IMS) and Gaia House. 

Spirit Rock's teachers have generally practiced Insight Meditation for more than 20 years. Many have trained in the monasteries of Asia. Over the years, they have each been invited into a formal teacher training group by the most senior teachers based on their depth of practice, maturity of understanding and compassionate heart.

The four-to-six-year teacher training they received incorporates systematic study of Buddhist texts, extensive training in meditation practices and techniques, study of our Buddhist lineage and history, and teacher role studies. It also includes hundreds of hours of practice interviews and assisting at many retreats and classes as preparation for assuming full teacher status. Spirit Rock teachers lead classes and retreats both locally and nationwide.

They also continue as students themselves, dedicated to ongoing study and dharma practice and to deepening their understanding and embodiment of the Buddha's teachings. The Spirit Rock Teachers Council has the responsibility for the spiritual direction and vision of the organization and its meditation programs. Select a teacher from the list below to read their bio.

* Spirit Rock Teachers Council Emeritus/a

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