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Volunteer Work Exchange


  • Work Exchange-  for WE credit hours
    Work Exchange (WE) credit hours can be ‘banked’ and exchanged, at a later date, to reduce or waive the fees for Online and Non-Residential programs and events as long as space allows. 
  • "Day Of" Work Exchange for Events
    Volunteering on the day of a program waives or reduces the fee.  'Day of' volunteers arrive between 60-90 minutes early to help with set up and agree to stay 60-90 minutes past the event end time to help clean up.  You must also be available to help during breaks, part of the lunch break, as well as during some of the non-instructional periods, if needed.  Note that hours are not accrued by volunteering for a 'day of' Work Exchange unless you volunteer for a Dana/by donation day or as an adult volunteer assisting with a Family Practice Day.  Please contact the Volunteer Office to be signed up in advance for Day-Of Event volunteer spaces, starting 4 - 6 weeks ahead up to the weekday morning before the event.
  • Dedicated Volunteer- this requires volunteering at least 2x monthly and a committment of 6 months minimum-  see our Dedicated Volunteer Program page for more details

How do I redeem the hours I accrue?
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at Volunteering@spiritrock.org to register, on a space available basis.  We appreciate advanced registration as this helps our events team plan for how many participants to expect, if you use WE hours at the door it is on a space available basis.  If you are unable to attend an event that you have pre-registered for, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator so that the hours can be returned to you and another person might take your space.  Pre-registration closes at noon on Friday for all weekend programs, and noon the day prior for weekday programs.  One hour will be deducted from your volunteer hour bank if you are not able to make it to an event you've been confirmed for, if you cancel past that deadline.

Daylongs (online or onsite) = 4 hours
Special Events = 4 hours (Professional Trainings are not eligible for WE credit spaces)
Half-days = 2 hours
Evening Events = 2 hours
Class Series = 1-2 hours per class
Non-Residential, Multiday retreats = 4 hours

Benefits: Volunteers can exchange four hours of previously accrued hours to reduce the cost of some Benefits by 50% of the low-end of the sliding scale fee. Hours must be completed two weeks prior to the date of the Benefit and the fee must be paid at the time you sign up in order to hold your spot.  If you need to cancel, please do so prior to 4 pm Thursday before a weekend event so that you can be issued an open credit for you for 1 year, to be used towards any non-residential event.  There are no refunds.

Volunteers are responsible for informing the Volunteer Coordinator of all hours served. If you are offering service on-site, please write your hours in one of the binders so they can be accurately tracked. Binders are located in the Volunteer Coordinator's office in the new Administation Building, in the Volunteer drawer in the Maintenance Barn building, the volunteer cabinet in the Community Meditation Center, in the kitchen and in the Retreat Manager's office.  You may also email this information to volunteering@spiritrock.org.

Spirit Rock is pleased to offer volunteer opportunities in fulfillment of Community Service requirements for traffic infractions. Volunteers performing community service do not receive work exchange hours and may not trade community service hours toward a daylong or class series.


  • Work exchange hours are non-transferable.
  • Work exchange hours cannot be exchanged for residential retreats.
  • Work exchange hours cannot be used to discount purchases made in the bookstore or towards meals.

Thank you for the generosity of your time, talents, and enthusiasm.  Your support allows Spirit Rock to fulfill our mission of bringing people to a depth of realization of the Buddha's path of liberation through direct experience.  Your work helps allow our community of practitioners to connect with inspiration and teachings to integrate and manifest wisdom and compassion in all aspects of their lives, for the benefit of all beings.

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