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Matt Holmes: Volunteer Profile


About seven years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to yoga. I mentioned to her that I really enjoyed the sitting meditation part of our classes. My friend was familiar with Spirit Rock and suggested we attend a Monday night dharma talk. We started attending and the Dharma felt very inspirational and in alignment with my own feelings. The teachers radiated with a sense of joy and equanimity. They seemed to have something I could use more of. After attending the Monday night classes off and on for several years I felt the need to deepen my practice. Daylongs, class series and my first retreat soon followed. The greater involvement gave me a feeling of receiving so much from Spirit Rock that I wanted to be of service and give something back to the community. Volunteering at classes and joining the Dedicated Volunteer Program (DVP) was my way to be of service. The DVP program was a fantastic experience. Working with the Land Steward, Rachel Levy, I felt privileged to help nurture the grounds. Rachel and the caretakers really made me feel welcome and part of the crew. Even after completing the program I still try to come in as often as possible to work with them. Volunteering has been immensely rewarding. Getting to know the staff and the other volunteers is the best part. Everyone has always been generous and appreciative. Katie and Sean, the event coordinators, are fun to work with and the connection I feel now when I am at Spirit Rock is terrific. I've learned that volunteering is a practice that gives me a bit of that equanimity and joy I was looking for all those Monday nights ago.

Check out https://www.spiritrock.org/volunteeropportunities to learn more about Spirit Rock’s volunteer program or contact our Volunteer & Community Coordinator at volunteering@spiritrock.org.

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