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Cancellation Policy for Online Programs/Retreats

Online Drop-ins, Daylongs, Multi-day Programs (1-3 days), Family Programs, Class Series:

  • NO REFUNDS. Open credits are only available according to the below schedule.
  • Open Credit = only if cancel by midnight, the day prior to program start
  • No Open Credit = if cancel day of the program, or beyond

Online Multi-day Retreats (4+ days):

  • $100 fee* = on or before 2 days prior to program start (*fees reduced to half for scholarship participants)
  • No refund = less than 2 days prior to program start (applies to all participants)

Online Dharma Training and Professional Development Programs:

These programs are generally extended study programs and the cancellation fees are higher and stricter, and are variable depending upon the specific program type. These programs typically have an application process and lower caps; therefore, a cancellation is more impactful. Please review your confirmation email for specific details.


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