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Kalyana Mitta

Since 2020, many Kalyana Mitta and Dharma groups are meeting virtually.  Please join in for spiritual community and dharma – visit this page for some online resources.

Kalyana Mitta (spiritual friends) Groups bring together members of the dharma community to study and share practice experiences in a friendly, supportive environment. Groups are generally comprised of six to twelve members to afford an intimacy not always available in larger sitting groups. The format usually involves 20-30 minutes of meditation, an opportunity to check in about one's personal dharma practice, a group discussion of an agreed-upon topic or discussion of a book the group is reading together.  Between-meeting practices support conscious action and awakening. Kalyana Mitta groups may be led by a pair of senior students or run collectively by all members (peer groups). We welcome senior students to start new groups in their area, particularly serving new students who have recently completed a series of classes with Spirit Rock teachers and are eager to bring the practice more fully into their daily lives.

For more information email us at KalyanaMitta@Spiritrock.org.


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