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Alisa Dennis

Alisa Dennis, Ph.D., discovered meditation through her study of metaphysics and ancient mystical traditions during the 1980s. Since then, she’s trained in the Soto Zen tradition, MBSR, and most recently in the Theravada tradition. Alisa has gravitated toward Insight meditation because of its emphasis on liberatory heart-opening practices and its growing community of practitioners committed to embodied awakening and transformative justice. Alisa has also practiced shamanism and considers Nature one of her wisest teachers. She is a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, where she supports people as they move through transitions, deepening, expansion or letting go in their lives. She specializes in somatic therapies, including traumatic release and integration work, all of which inform her teaching. Alisa is a deep metaphysician. She enjoys the creative arts and invites creativity into her practice and teaching of the Dharma. Alisa is a teacher at Insight L.A. in southern California. She teaches at Spirit Rock, and other retreat centers in North America. She offers trainings in mindfulness for community-based organizations and corporations around the world.

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March 19, 2021 - Maranasati: Contemplating Death, Awakening to Life

Establish the stable base of the body sitting, and feel the support and stability of the earth beneath you. No matter what floor you may be on, arriving in your space, feel the ground rising up beneath you—ground supported by the foundation of the building you’re in, the foundation of the building supported by the earth. Feeling into this connection, grounding, allow the weight of the body to settle into the support of the earth. As the body begins to relax, you may feel the lower half of the body connecting more firmly with the earth, and sense the subtle pull of gravity toward the ground beneath you.

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