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Enrique Collazo

Enrique Collazo he/him, is a new generation Mindfulness meditation teacher. Born and raised in Los Angeles and has been teaching and living in the Bay Area for the last 10 years. His passion is teaching the practice of mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning to teens. He is well loved and respected for his inspirational work at Challenge Day during the school year where he facilitates SEL workshops for thousands of young people all over the country. Enrique’s skill with teens has led to teaching with Spirit Rocks Teen and Young adult groups, and internationally for Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, where he also serves on their Guiding Teacher Counsel.

Enrique is a champion for helping young people create pathways that align with their goals and deepest intentions.

Enrique believes deeply in justice and liberation and that he cannot create in the world what he don't seek to create in himself and cannot nurture in communities what he don't seek to nurture within himself.

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