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James Baraz

James Baraz is a founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center. James started the Community Dharma Leader program, the Kalyana Mitta Network, the Spirit Rock Family Program and helped create the Heavenly Messengers Training Program. James has been leading the online course Awakening Joy since 2003. He serves as a guiding teacher to One Earth Sangha, a Virtual EcoDharma Center devoted to Buddhist responses to Climate Change. He co-authored Awakening Joy and Awakening Joy for Kids.

His books include Awakening Joy with Shoshana Alexander and Awakening Joy for Kids with Michele Lilyanna. For more information, visit awakeningjoy.info

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Michele Lilyanna's A Child's Letter to the Earth.


Featured Audio Talk
February 23, 2023 - Devotion in Practice

There’s an inspiration that arises after you’ve really tasted the Dharma. Everything else seems to pale in comparison and you want to deepen and deepen. You’ve fallen in love with the Dharma. There’s a kind of purity of heart that gets activated as you taste the Dharma more and more, and once you have that feeling, you want to keep on going—like a moth to a flame. That’s the doorway to this quality of Devotion.

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