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JD Doyle

JD Doyle (they/them) served as Core Teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center, where they co-founded the Alphabet(LGBTQIA+) Sangha, and as Guiding Teacher at Insight Santa Cruz. They graduated from Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Retreat Teacher Training in 2020. They teach at sanghas across the US and in Canada. JD began studying and practicing Buddhism in 1995, at Insight Meditation Society and at Spirit Rock and continued with extensive retreat practice in Thailand and Burma in the Theravadan lineage. For over twenty-three years, they worked as a public-school teacher. JD holds a BS in Environmental Studies from Cornell University, a bilingual multicultural teaching certificate from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Language and Literacy and Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico. They are committed to celebrating the diversity of our human sangha, transforming the impacts of racism on our communities, expanding concepts of gender, and living in ways that honor the sacredness of the Earth. For more info: www.heartmindteaching.com.

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May 5, 2023 - Cultivating Inner Freedom

When we realize our attention has been caught in the fires of greed, hatred, or aversion, can we disrupt that habit pattern and bring it to something else, whether in the body or to an engagement in generosity? If we are swept away, can we wake up and bring our attention to a seed that is leading us to the way we want to live in the world? Because this is how we unhook. This is how we can begin to see clearly so that even as bonfires burn all around us, we are able to be with it, to be in the world, and to have some level of inner freedom.

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