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John Martin

John Martin has been devoted to dharma practice since 2001, and has been teaching since 2014. He serves as the Co-Chair of the Spirit Rock Guiding Teachers Council. John teaches Vipassana, Metta and LGBTQI-themed meditation retreats. He also teaches in dedicated practitioner programs and supports practitioners in bringing practice to daily life. John's spiritual path has included volunteer service work, including over 12 years as a hospice volunteer.

John leads a Monday night sitting group in San Francisco. For more information, visit InsightUpperMarket.org.

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Featured Audio Talk
February 25, 2020 - Wise Intention - February Monthlong

When we practice with wise intention, we both bring more happiness into our lives, more happiness into the lives of people around us. Intention includes three aspects: renunciation, or letting go of sense desires, loving kindness, which counters ill will, and compassion, which counters cruelty.

Renunciation—letting go of needing things to be different than they are, loving kindness, and compassion all deeply support our practice of waking up and realizing a deeper happiness. Practicing wise intention is a gift both for the world and for our own practice right here.

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