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Jozen Tamori Gibson

Jozen Tamori Gibson (they, them) began formal meditation practice in 2004 through Sotō Zen while living in Japan joined by a Theravada practice in 2010. Jozen is a graduate of the four-year Insight Meditation Society (IMS) Dharma Teacher Training program and serves on the New York Insight Meditation Center’s teacher council. With certifications and embodiment studies in Yoga, Qigong, Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy (IFOT) and Complex Trauma, Jozen lives to provide and nourish contemplative mind-heart-body alignment practices and spaces rooted in wellness, anti-oppression and interdependent liberation for all beings. Jozen honors the wisdom and compassion of all teachers, highlighting their mother, Akimi, and dharma root teacher, Pamela Weiss.

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July 2, 2020 - Energy and Patience

What the Buddhadharma is prescribing is a reclaimed relationship with our body and breath; connection with our feeling tones, pleasant, unpleasant, neutral; a friendship with our mental states; and the qualities of the mind—this is the alignment of the mind, the body, and the heart. … It is exhausting to hate. It is exhausting to dwell in anger, aversion, and confusion. It is exhausting, and we feel that! When we feel that exhaustion, that is a reminder that we are caught in something that is not innate in us. It is a reminder that there is an injustice, yes. And there’s something deeper.

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