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Kate Munding

Kate Munding sits on the Spirit Rock Teacher Council and is the guiding teacher for Assaya Sangha, a women's Buddhist meditation community-based in the San Francisco East Bay. Along with teaching retreats and daylong at Spirit Rock and other retreat centers, Kate is a teacher for Spirit Rock's Family Days and Family Retreats.

In addition to her Dharma teaching, Kate has been a mindfulness educator in schools since 2008. She is the co-founder and main teacher for Now Children. Now Children is a unique online learning environment designed to network, train, and provide professional development to educators and mindfulness teachers who want to bring mindfulness-based curriculum to kids. This work's nexus is based on the belief that mindfulness is not just a bandaid but a transformative technique that can help steer future generations towards a more conscious and compassionate future.

When she's not teaching, Kate loves being mom to her young son. She lives with her family in the San Francisco East Bay.

For more information, visit https://www.assayasangha.org/

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Featured Audio Talk
Nov 10, 2019 - Coming Home to Wisdom

Throughout our Buddhist lineages, and even today, there have been movements among women coming into contact with a deep truth—an understanding that even though awakening is not based on gender, gender can become an obstacle because of the patriarchal systems that are in place. This then poisons our mind with the idea that within ourselves there’s some kind of limitation. There’s a real need to actually step into the fire with this and to sit strongly with what is really true.

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