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Linda González

Linda González (she/her) has been practicing in the Soto Zen lineage of Suzuki Roshi for 15 years. She also receives instruction in and integrates Mesoamerican indigenous practices in her spiritual path. Linda works as a bilingual racial justice consultant, coach, facilitator, & trainer in diverse arenas. Her purpose is to work with multicultural wisdom and inspire people to embark on a creative journey of love and healing for this and future generations.

Underlying all her work is a focus on liberation, equity, and systemic change to dismantle white supremacy. She collaboratively designs and facilitates interactive processes that address dynamics of power, intersectionality. In 2020 her focus was on anti-blackness and native erasure in the Latinx community.

Linda's avocation is as a writer and storyteller. She recently published her second book titled Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling, based on her 20+ year coaching practice with BIPOC and other under-resourced, resilient communities.

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