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Sharda Rogell

Sharda Rogell is a Spirit Rock Teacher Emerita, and has been practicing meditation since 1976 and teaching worldwide since 1987. She serves on the Teachers Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Along with her training in the Theravada tradition, Sharda has been influenced by the non-dual teachings of Advaita and Dzogchen and has been a student of A. H. Almaas in the Diamond Approach since 2002. Her primary interest is integrating the awakening of the heart/mind with embodied presence.

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Featured Audio Talk
March 21, 2019 - Meeting the Buddha: Commentary on “The Analysis of the Elements” sutta (MN 140)

This story is about a monk named Pukkusāti, who was formerly a king named Takkasilā. King Takkasilā was a friend of King Bimbisāra of Magadha, who was very devoted to the Buddha. When Pukkusāti was still king, Bimbisāra sent him a golden plate that was inscribed with the three Refuges and various aspects of the Dharma, and when the king read what was written on the plate, he was filled with joy and he decided to renounce his kingdom and go into homelessness. So Pukkusāti was on his way to join a meeting with the Buddha, but had never met him, and when the Buddha asked to stay the night in a potter’s workshop where Pukkusāti was staying, Pukkusāti didn’t recognize him. ...

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