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Spencer Sherman, MBA

Spencer Sherman, creator of the Dharma of Money, is a longtime mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and the founding CEO of Abacus, a financial firm with Buddhist values. He is the author of The Cure for Money Madness, and teaches for New York University’s Inner MBA program. He believes that all of us can feel ease and purpose with money, regardless of how much we have. His 30+ year meditation practice, including being a graduate of Spirit Rock’s DPP and APP programs, supports him in helping others create an equanimous, powerful, and spacious relationship with money. His core teachers have been Venerable Analayo, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Tsokyni Rinpoche, Jack Kornfield, Susie Harrington, and Guy Armstrong. He brings the wisdom of the dharma to a neglected area of our lives. Given this, the domain of money holds significant potential for our personal, spiritual, and financial health. He is dedicated to helping all beings realize the benefits of shifting from a mindset of “more” to a mindset of “enough.” He has led this Dharma of Money program since 2014.

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