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Kimber Simpkins-Nuccio

Kimber Simpkins is a white, cis, queer mom and writer who has taught yoga and mindfulness in the San Francisco Bay area for almost twenty years, bringing a body love and social justice perspective to her teaching and learning. She completed the Dedicated Practitioner's Program at Spirit Rock in 2016, teacher training at the Mindfulness Training Institute in 2017, racial justice facilitation training with Holistic Resistance in 2020, and is a visiting teacher and longtime community member at EBMC. She’s honored to be part of EBMC’s Spiritual Teacher Leadership program. As a dharma practitioner, Kimber values the intersection of compassion, self-knowledge, and decreased reactivity within Buddhist practice and appreciates how these skills help us increase our resilience. She has witnessed first hand how the practice of mindfulness has brought more compassion, connection, and joy to her relationships and her life.

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