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Tere Abdala-Romano

Tere a senior Teacher at InsightLA. From Lebanese grandparents, Tere was born and lived in Mexico City almost all her life. Being a very devoted catholic, she then became fascinated by Tibetan Buddhism. She moved to Los Angeles in 2002 with her now late husband and three then young daughters. She left behind her MBA and another Geography career to devote herself to her family, personal growth, and the study and practice of the Dharma to enhance her life and the lives of others. In Los Angeles she practiced in Insight Vipassana Tradition. Tere became a creative painter. Amongst her mindfulness trainings: been an InsightLa teacher in training since then, MBSR, Community Dharma Leadership at Spirit Rock, Cultivating Emotional Balance at Holy Isle in Scotland. And recently authorized Teacher from Spirit Rock after a four year training. Her mindfulness journey has supported her in difficult episodes and strengthened her creativity as a visual artist. For the past 9 years she took over the presidency of a large multinational company from Mexico that she was able to grow and strengthen very successfully. Being able to prove by herself the benefits of mindfulness even in the corporate world. Her heart calls her to share the Dharma from her heart in Spanish to larger communities. She facilitates mindfulness groups in both Spanish and English and is hoping to find ways to share the Dharma in the world in novel ways accessible to larger communities and the less privileged.


Featured Audio Talk
August 2, 20219 - Amor bondadoso y compasión

Cultivemos la práctica que sustenta a todas las demás bajo una simple guía: aquietando al cuerpo, permitiendo que se relaje, que la respiración siga la quietud del cuerpo, la mente solita seguirá a la respiración y así recobraremos la calma. Atraeremos así más claridad a la mente y abriremos el corazón a su propia naturaleza noble. Podremos descubrir, desarrollar y develar cualidades innatas del corazón como el amor bondadoso, la ecuanimidad y la nobleza de reconocer nuestra interconexión con nosotros mismos, el resto de los seres que nos rodean, y aun los lejanos.

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