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Volunteer Profile: Roberta Friedman

As a young girl I could feel that there was something more to life. I called it God or love at the time. I found out much later in life that what I was seeking was peace of mind. All my life I’ve been searching for this peace of mind in many different ways. I left New York for San Francisco and found the hippie lifestyle of free love and drugs. Next I found the Unity Church where I stayed and worked for many years until I found Buddhism. I had read books by Jack, Joseph and Sharon and found in them the truth I was seeking. Their teachings made more sense to me than anything I had ever read or experienced. 

When I moved to Marin, I was looking for a spiritual community. The minute I got out of my car at my first Spirit Rock daylong I felt relaxed and present and knew that this was home for me. Through the dharma I have found mindfulness. After many years of practicing and attending retreats I’ve been able from time to time to tap into that illusive peace I have been seeking. I know that if I keep practicing letting go, I can experience this peace more often. Once I found Spirit Rock to be my home, I wanted to serve the community that had served me so well. I decided to become a Dedicated Volunteer so that I could deepen my practice of giving and gratitude with an ongoing commitment and a sense of community. Being of service is very fulfilling. I feel open and connected to the beloved staff sangha, with deep bows of gratitude.

Spirit Rock relies on the generosity of our many volunteers. We offer a range of opportunities from one-time projects to ongoing service. Check our website to find out more about out volunteer program or contact our Volunteer & Community Coordinator at Volunteering@spiritrock.org or (415) 488-0164 x224.


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