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Victoria Cary

Victoria Cary is a Dhamma teacher and leader who co-founded the San Francisco Black Indigenous People of Color Insight Sangha and continues as one of its core teachers. She loves the Dhamma and is interested in supporting people in their practice by focusing on integrating Dhamma into everyday life. Her identity as a queer, bi-racial black woman informs her approach to teaching the Dhamma; she seeks to support a kind internal and external investigation of our complex human experience. She has been practicing and studying Insight meditation since 2006, most recently sitting numerous retreats in the Mahasi/U Pandita lineage with Venerable Sayalay Daw Bhaddamanika, and Venerable Sayadaw U Vivekananda, including 3-month silent retreats at Insight Meditation Society and in Nepal. Her practice has also been informed by volunteering for 3 years with Zen Hospice and exploring how developing a relationship with impermanence and death can bring us more fully alive. She completed Community Dharma Leader training in 2016 and was authorized to teach in 2020 from Spirit Rock and currently teaches retreats, groups and mentor’s students.

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April 12, 2023 - The Seven Factors of Awakening

Balance of mind is a possibility. Meeting experience with calm creates some peace, and an opportunity to check things out that we would miss if we’re in reaction. This is equanimity: not being pulled around by experience. You can be with something just the way it is, without pushing or pulling. If we can touch into the quality of awareness, which is mindfulness, and a quality of collectiveness or steadiness, then what naturally arises is a state of equanimity, balance of mind.

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